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The heartworm is transmitted by an Aedes, Anopheles or Culex type mosquito, which affects all dogs regardless of their breed, age or environment in which they live. When the larvae are inside the dog, it takes only 6 weeks for them to turn into worms, which invade from the pulmonary blood vessels to the heart.

It is very easy to prevent this disease and very difficult and risky to cure it as well as quite expensive.

Why is its treatment dangerous?

To begin, it requires hospitalization, the site of application of the drug is rigorous in the muscles of the spine and when the worm dies there is a risk that it forms a thrombus and this can cause a stroke.

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Precautions must be taken especially in this hot season

It is advisable to go to your nearest Chapultepets hospital to have your pet evaluated and to be able to start its treatment as soon as possible.

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